Dr. Grazia Locascio

After graduating in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Palermo, she obtained a specialisation in Nephrology from the same university and begun to serve as an internist at the University’s Haemodialysis Service, Surgical Pathology R.
She completed several internships at nephrology units in Italy and abroad.
She has served from 1983 until 30th April 1995 at the Dialysis Techniques Unit of the University Hospital Policlinic Paolo Giaccone (Palermo), first as an associate extraordinary and then, after passing a competitive exam in 1989, as a head physician.

Since 1st May 1995, she has been employed as a Chief Medical Officer at the Southern Haemodialysis Centre. Dr. Locascio’s work focuses on different aspects of nephrology: clinical nephrology, transplants and dialysis.
In the past, she has collaborated with associations for the widespread dissemination of the organ donation culture. She has published several articles in both Italian and foreign medical journals, and she has participated as a speaker in numerous congresses and science meetings both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Locascio is also engaged in social work, including:
– Volunteer for the women’s section of CRI (Italian Red Cross)
– Associate member of AIDDA (Business Owners and Business Executives Women’s Association), an association founded with the specific goal of promoting and supporting women entrepreneurs, managers and professionals.